Best Denver Colorado Chiropractors For Wrist Pain Treatment

The wrist is a sensitive series of joints comprised of several bones, tendons, and ligaments with many vessels including sensitive nerves which pass through. Given our current climate in technology, use and overuse of the computer lead to use and overuse of the wrist. This fact inevitably leads to many conditions. Here is a short overview of Denver Colorado Chiropractors treatment for some of the most common wrist conditions.

Common Misdiagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The symptoms that are most common with carpal tunnel syndrome are often very similar to many other conditions which are far less severe. In fact, it is a commonly misdiagnosed ailment which unfortunately results in costly, invasive surgeries that have a very low success rate. The most common cause of symptoms that tend to mimic carpal tunnel syndrome is muscular in nature, whether it be actual spasms in the muscles or nerve entrapment in the belly of the muscles themselves. Both of these ailments are easily managed with conservative care and take the burden off the patient who is convinced that they will only return to normal living if surgery is done.​

The unfortunate truth about carpal tunnel syndrome surgical procedures is that they often fail as much as 70% of the time! What does that mean? Patients who endure this surgery will go back to experiencing symptoms identical to what they experienced before surgery, perhaps feeling relief for a short period.​

The great news is that these conditions are well treated by a chiropractor, and Denver Colorado Chiropractors at Denver Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center in Colorado has the solution for treatment and relief for your wrist pain.​

Denver Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center​

At Denver Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center in Colorado, Dr. Glenn always takes the conservative approach first, and is always thorough in diagnosis. When a true diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome is present, there are several methods of treatment to relieve the symptoms and alter the functioning of the area so that pain is not only relieved but actually removed. These treatments typically involve muscle work in the office, stretching and exercising protocols, and diet modification. As your Denver Chiropractor, Dr. Glenn is your partner in health so that you get out of pain and stay out of pain, so that carpal tunnel treatment and relief is your long term solution.​

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