Compliments of the Blessed Bohemian

Our first reaction to anger is anger. Our first reaction to violence is violence. Our first reaction to hate is more hate. Instead, we must cultivate the patience to understand that anger generally begins as sadness, that violence is borne of fear, and that hate is the intersection of all of these emotions. Recognizing the source of these emotions is crucial to overcoming them, and we each have a responsibility to make certain that they end with us.

I went out of town and missed a post and then I was tired when I got home and I missed another post and then my routine was completely out the window and I hadn’t been waking up every morning and writing and then that habit was broken and … Well, suffice it to say that this thing doesn’t write itself.

When I reflect upon my many failed attempts to make positive change in my life, this is the point where it always falls apart. I’ve addressed this before, but I really felt like I had made a habit of waking up early every morning and making the time to write – I felt like I’d made it over that last bit of the mountain. Perhaps it’s not that simple – or perhaps I had just hit a plateau on the long, steep climb to real, lasting change – but part of me was ready to let this thing go. At least for now.