Control Yourself!

Then someone paid me a compliment, and it completely changed my perspective.

I was tired, overwhelmed, depressed, and hungover. The last thing I wanted to think about or talk about was my (potentially failed) blog. I had all but given up on the idea of the Blessed Bohemian being read by anyone – much less making an impact – but a few kind words turned

That’s the power of a compliment.

We are constantly presented with opportunities to give compliments, and we should give more of them. They take almost no effort. They don’t cost a thing. They are perhaps the simplest kindness that we can offer to anyone – even a complete stranger – and they really can make all the difference in the world.

I love you Mom, but I reject the idea that I am incapable of saying something nice. I think you raised me better than that.

Go compliment somebody. Then go compliment somebody else. Give compliments until you feel a little awkward about it, and then give a couple more.

Tell people how wonderful they are, how nice they look, and how great a job they’re doing. Make a habit of it. Do it all the time, no matter how crappy you think you feel.

You’ll feel better, and you might just make a huge difference in someone’s life.