Lessons from the Peace Pilgrim

But has anyone bothered to ask where the great big mean old corporations get all that money? They aren’t printing it. They aren’t stealing it. Where does it come from?

From you and from me. That’s where. Each and every one of us is responsible for this mess, because the entire time we are waving our picket signs with one hand, we are giving our money to huge companies with the other. And all the while, we are foolishly expecting those in power to say “Hey. You’re right. This isn’t cool. We’re manipulating and exploiting everyone, and they’re just letting us, so we should stop.”

I consider myself an optimist, but to put it as kindly as possible, I don’t see this approach making an impact, like, ever.

Every day of our lives represents a series of choices. Take the car or take a walk. Corporate grocery store or farmer’s market. Big box retailer or buy local. You get the idea, and I’m willing to acknowledge that some choices are more practical than others – I don’t expect all of you to quit your jobs and start communes. I’m not advocating anything that radical. All I’m asking you to do is to be aware. Make conscious choices about these things. Recognize that we are and will remain in control of this problem, but that we are really only in control of ourselves.

So control yourself, already.