My Position on Perspective

Thanks for reading.

A great many of my contemporaries don’t seem to like the way things are. They complain about this. They complain about that. They are in a constant state of wanting things to change.

There is a pervading sense of hopelessness that seems to hinge on some other, greater power that has its finger on the button, and that but for this “power’s” selfishness and greed, everything would be better. They gather, the bearded masses, at major intersections across the land in order to make heard their complaints. They shout until they are carried off to jail (or until it’s obvious they’re being ignored). Bystanders on street corners and laptops across our nation complain in support of the complainers, saying “Yes! We believe in you! We complain of these things, too! It’s all so unfair!”

And what happens? Nothing.

We have gotten extrememly proficient at identifying what precisely is the matter with everyone else in this world. We blame the Democrats. We blame the Republicans. We blame the rich. We blame the poor. We blame the corporations. We blame the consumer. We blame the Devil. We blame God.