Types Of Gum Diseases: And Useful Tips For Treatment

Gum disease is such a pathological condition in which the change is subject to the appearance of the gum - that is surrounded by tissues of the teeth. In particular, the change means by a reddening of the gums, the density change characteristic for them to increase their size, the appearance of pain and bleeding.


Causes of gum disease can be divided into several groups according to the affects:

1. The presence of plaque, the transforming over time into tartar

2. Shortage of vitamins and minerals (calcium, potassium)

3. The presence of micro-traumas in the gums

4. The presence of harmful habits

5. Heredity

6. The presence of gastrointestinal diseases and cardiovascular system

7. Bad as dental crowns and fillings; diabetes

8. Topical hormonal changes

9. Use of certain medications (including antidepressants, and these include nasal drops)

10. Infection

11. Excessively active lifestyle.

Under certain risk group is also women who have gum disease is caused by the menstrual cycle, characterized by a certain looseness and swelling of the gums, as well as women using oral contraceptives. Pregnancy, especially when it comes to the last two trimesters of it may also be accompanied by bleeding and swelling of the gums. Gum disease during pregnancy requires a special approach to treatment, because it can trigger the progression of preterm labor, as well as to determine the corresponding risk for a child with a birth weight deficit.

Gum disease may be manifested in three major forms, thereby defining a disease such as gum disease and periodontal disease and periodontitis, the latter of these diseases is the most serious consequences in scale. So, it is in periodontitis there is a significant risk of tooth loss that is caused by the expansion of the gums against the backdrop of actual inflammation.

In frequent cases, inflammation of the gums occurs in conjunction with other, equally unpleasant symptoms, and this breath, is caused, in turn, influence the bacteria, loosening of teeth and bleeding. Inflammation of gingivitis or periodontitis when often manifests itself in the form of generalized, affecting most of the teeth. Inflammation has been limited mainly to those cases where it was triggered by the influence exerted by the overhanging edges of fillings or crowns, as well as in the formation of cysts in the apex area, which accordingly determines the inflammatory process which affects 1-2 teeth.


Let's go back to the listed diseases. Periodontal disease, for example, is a simple inflammation of the nature of the defeat, due to which, in principle, the WHO does not regard it as a disease.

Periodontal disease develops due to load failure on the masticatory apparatus, medical treatment, in this case, is not required, provided the required additional physical activity instead of (as we know, focused on the effects directly on the gums and teeth).

To prevent periodontal disease should be included in the solid-type diet food, in particular with fruit, vegetables, nuts, etc. Due to this, the necessary exercises for the mouth will be provided at the same time, and the organism will receive its needed nutrients.


The next reason of inflammation in the list is Gum disease. The disease is inflammation of the gums lesions occurring in conjunction with their swelling, bleeding, and susceptibility to injury as well as the appearance of mouth malodor. When gum disease can talk about the creation of prerequisites for the development of a much more serious disease, which is the periodontitis. Periodontitis, in turn, implies a rapid way progressive inflammatory process which affects the tooth tissue, bone, and gums. In this disease running its shape not only causes loosening of the teeth, and their subsequent loss.

In the early stages of inflammation, the patients are usually not too long to ignore disturbing manifestations of the disease; gum disease can occur in three main forms, as acute, chronic, or recurrent. The main reason for its occurrence is considered insufficient to ensure the oral health, as well as the presence of certain diseases with damage to specific systems or organs in the body. Treating gum disease is the particular features of the disease and by concrete its shape.

In this case, Gum disease is associated with puberty adolescents and women with pregnancy. As you know, talking about the hormonal changes the body, special medical treatment is not required here. Meanwhile, there are some suggestions; they are as follows:

1. The maintenance of proper oral hygiene

2. Strengthening the body resistance due to the use of the c vitamin, extract, based on grapefruit seed, coenzyme q10

3. Mechanical removal by exposure or by ultrasonic treatment of tartar (optional) and then assign sanitary treatment in combination with restorative agents.

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